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HLA-AWARE™ Program

HLA-B*5701 Screening Supported by ViiV Healthcare

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Common Questions

How does the program work?
  • An HLA-AWARECERTIFICATE and a test requisition form are required for each qualifying patient
  • HCPs and clinic staff can now visit the Diagnostic Resource Center to print HLA-AWARECERTIFICATES on demand or request hard copy CERTIFICATES to be hand delivered by their ViiV Healthcare representative.
  • Before printing or requesting HLA-AWARECERTIFICATES, registrants must select a laboratory to perform the test: LabCorp® or Quest Diagnostics®
  • The test must be ordered by a healthcare professional
  • Sample collection may occur in a healthcare professional’s clinic, or in any other participating laboratory or sample collection site
  • For information on sample collection, please contact LabCorp Client Services at
    1-800-533-1037 or a representative from Quest Diagnostics at 1-800-642-4657
  • The completed HLA-AWARECERTIFICATE and test requisition form are sent to the selected lab: LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics
  • LabCorp
  • For CERTIFICATES processed through LabCorp, a lab account number is required when printing and requesting hard copy HLA-AWARECERTIFICATES to accurately identify the requesting clinic and preferred delivery method for receiving test results. Account numbers are never used for billing purposes, as testing provided through the program is paid for by ViiV Healthcare
  • Practices without a LabCorp account should contact LabCorp at 1-800-533-1037 to obtain an account number and determine the desired method for delivery of results
  • Current LabCorp customers will receive their results through their current result delivery method
  • Quest Diagnostics
  • For CERTIFICATES processed through Quest Diagnostics, a lab account number will be automatically printed on HLA-AWARECERTIFICATES
  • Program Invoicing
  • For qualified patients for whom a valid CERTIFICATE is received, the testing provided through the HLA-AWARE™ program will be paid for by ViiV Healthcare. No claim for such testing shall be submitted for reimbursement under Medicare, Medicaid, or any government-funded or privately funded insurance benefit program
  • LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics will perform the test and invoice ViiV Healthcare directly
What is the process for requesting HLA-AWARE™ Program access?
  • Healthcare professionals (HCPs) who are new to the Diagnostic Resource Center must be approved for the HLA-AWARE™ Program to print HLA-AWARECERTIFICATES. If program approval is needed, HCPs can make the request through their ViiV Healthcare representative
  • Clinic staff members must link to a registered, program-approved HCP for HLA-AWARECERTIFICATE printing access
  • Once CERTIFICATE access has been assigned, you may go directly to the Print HLA-AWARECERTIFICATES page
  • Prior to access being granted, any attempt to access the print page will redirect new program participants to their ViiV Healthcare representative contact information
  • Existing HLA-AWARE™ Program participants have been assigned CERTIFICATE access and may go directly to the Print HLA-AWARECERTIFICATES page
  • If you have questions about HLA-AWARE™ Program access, please contact your ViiV Healthcare representative
What is the process for submitting an HLA-AWARECERTIFICATE?
  • Each HLA-AWARECERTIFICATE is valid for one HLA-B*5701 blood screening; it does not cover any other laboratory tests
  • The HLA-AWARECERTIFICATE is not a test requisition form; the purpose of the HLA-AWARECERTIFICATE is to facilitate accurate tracking, invoicing, and payment for HLA-B*5701 screening by ViiV Healthcare
  • An HLA-AWARECERTIFICATE must accompany the patient sample. Failure to include a CERTIFICATE with the patient sample may delay test results
  • Each HLA-AWARECERTIFICATE contains a unique identifier code, so only original copies may be submitted
  • Each HLA-AWARECERTIFICATE contains 3 copies: A sample copy (must accompany the sample submission), a healthcare professional (HCP) copy, and patient copy. The HCP and patient copies should be retained for record-keeping

Still have questions?

For more information, contact your ViiV Healthcare representative, or call the ViiV Healthcare

Customer Response Center at 1-877-844-8872, or download:

HLA-AWARE™ Reference Guide

HLA-AWARE is a trademark of the ViiV Healthcare group of companies.