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Tropism Access Program (TAP)

Additional Resource

Trofile® DNA

HIV-1 coreceptor tropism assay
For patients with undetectable viral loads

Cell-based assay that determines the coreceptor tropism of a patient’s HIV-1 strain when the patient's viral load is undetectable

Indicates whether a patient has a virus that is:

  • CCR5-tropic
  • CXCR4-tropic
  • D/M-tropic

Phenotypic cellular DNA analysis

Turnaround time: Approximately 14 days; may vary depending on sample routing

Sample of Trofile® DNA tropotype testing results from Monogram Biosciences
Draw 4 ml of whole blood into an EDTA (lavender-top) test tube.
DO NOT centrifuge.
Place tube and test request form in specimen bag.
Freeze sample immediately at -20°C. Do not allow sample to thaw after freezing. Ensure sample is fully frozen and on dry ice before giving to courier.
Contact Monogram Biosciences® Client Services at 1-800-777-0177 to arrange a pickup.
Include LabCorp test number 829670 (LabCorp clients).
Trofile DNA is a registered trademark of Monogram Biosciences, a Laboratory Corporation of America® Holdings.